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More than a decade of experience, knowledge, and accountability have made VP PLASTICS the company of choice for customers who demand for extruded plastic components. We continue to prove our unrelenting commitment to quality and customer service through our attention to detail and our dedication to respond without delay to meet the requirements of our valued customers...



Building Profiles
Building profiles for tiling work with various colours and decorative finishing..
Hydroponic Profiles
Quality electrical trunking and fittings for cables
Custom Profiles
Custom profiles for a vast number of applications across various industries.
Hydroponic Profiles
Furniture profile and fitting such as rigid and soft PVC profiles, roller shutting profiles, T-profiles and edging shape.
Door and Frame
The "Deco" and "Econ" range of door and frame with outstanding quantities and value for money.
Data Strip Profiles Point of Purchase
Data Strip profiles for shelving and wired baskets