Building Profiles
Architectural Profile

Developed over many years in close association with the needs of the building industry; our large product range means VP Plastics has a profile to suit most requirements.


Plastic is increasingly in demand as a building material. Not only in areas where plastic materials are already used, such as windows, doors and sealing profiles, but also as cost-efficient alternatives to conventional materials like wood and metal.

 Plastics have excellent properties as construction materials. They are weather-resistant, strong, and durable, can be moulded into any shape, can be coloured and recyclable.

VP Plastics produces an extensive range of extruded profiles and injected moulded products for the building industry under the brand name “DECO”. This range of architectural profiles includes a wide range of vinyl profiles for tiling work with various colours and decorative finishing available; including tile trims, step nosing, skirting, expansion and floor joints, plaster work trims, carpet trims, angle profiles, cap moulds, and glass tracking profiles.

After working in close association with the requirements of the building industry for over a decade; VP Plastics has the capability to produce profiles to suit most requirements.

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