Data Strip
Point of Purchase Profile

An innovative VP Plastics to embracing new technology backed by a firm commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled VP Plastics to grow into one of the Malaysia's leading manufacturers of point of purchase profile.

Our capability to design and manufacture custom requirements is the rationale why more and more organisations are tuning to VP Plastics to provide their total product identification solution. Point of Purchase Profiles, sometimes called shelf molding, tag molding, label holders, or C-channeling is designed to hold inserts like price tags, bar code labels, or description labels. We are capable of producing various sizes based on the size of the label to be inserted in to it. Profiles may come in white, beige, gray, or any custom color. The profile can be cut to any specified length and package to your specific needs.

These Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) profiles can be made to fit all forms of shelving; from metal, wooden and glass shelves to wire baskets and pallet racking.

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 An example of our data strip range in action